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1. What kind of contract shall I sign when buying a property from the Horus Company?

The client shall sign two types of contracts, depending on the moment when the residential block is put into operation (final building inspection). Thus, before the commissioning, the client will sign a construction investment agreement, and after the commissioning, a real estate sale and purchase agreement.

- The construction investment agreement represents the contract by which one of the Parties (the Contractor) undertakes to build the real estate and transmit it to the other Party (the Investor), which in its turn, is obliged to pay the price of the contracted real estate. In the case when the Investor is an individual, this agreement must be authenticated by a notary and registered with the SE ”Cadastru” within 15 calendar days after its notarial attestation.

Once the block is put into operation, the ownership of the real estate - object of the investment agreement - is entered into the real estate register, pursuant to this agreement and the delivery-receipt protocol, signed between the Parties.

- The real estate sale and purchase agreement represents the contract by which one Party (the Seller) undertakes to transfer the real estate into the property of the other Party (the Buyer), and the latter undertakes to accept the property and pay the agreed price.

The ground for registering the ownership right over the real estate, in this case, is namely this sale and purchase agreement.

NOTE: Each potential client may request a sample of the agreement from the Horus sales department managers.

2. What conditions should be met in order to sign such agreements?

 In order to conclude a valid agreement, under the Civil Code of the RM, the following conditions or validity features are to be observed:

- The capacity to contract

The legal capacity is recognized equally to all persons regardless of their race, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion, sex, political affiliation, wealth, social origin, culture or other similar criteria.

In order to conclude a legal act (agreement), the person shall have full legal capacity (starting at the age of 18, and for minors - in case of marriage or emancipation).

A minor under the age of 14 may conclude legal acts with the consent of his/her parents, adoptive parents or guardian, and in the cases provided by law, with the consent of the guardianship authority.

All the legal acts (agreements) for and on behalf of the minor, until the age of 14 years, are concluded only by his/her parents, adoptive parents or the guardian, as provided by law.

The legal acts (agreements) on behalf of the individual declared incapable are concluded by his/her guardian.

- The valid consent of the Undertaking Party

To be validly expressed, the consent must be given by a discerning person, with the intention to produce legal effects, to be externalized and not vitiated. (NB! The person should not be drunk, drugged, under the influence narcotic substance etc.)

- The object of the contract should be: lawful, moral, determined or determinable, present in the civil circuit, existent (in the case of the construction investment agreement, the object is a good future).

- The cause should: exist, be genuine, lawful and moral.

- The form: the construction investment agreements signed with individuals and the real estate sale and purchase agreements are notarized.

In order to buy an apartment from the company Horus, the Moldovan citizens need an ID card, while the foreigners – a passport, the legal entities – the copy of the registration certificate and the excerpt from the Register of Enterprises.

3. What is the transfer agreement (contract)?

If we analyze the transfer under the construction investment agreement, then the transfer contract represents the agreement, by which one Party (the Transferor) passes to the other Party (the Transferee), all his/her rights and obligations, arising under the construction investment agreement, for a sum of money (usually).

The transfer contract shall be concluded in the manner required for the agreement pursuant to which it has been drawn up.

4. It is possible to modify the design of my apartment?

According to the collaboration agreement signed between the company Horus and the Investor, the latter has the right to make changes into the project, before the initiation of the appropriate building works, with the consent of the Contractor and the Design Company. For the purpose of coordinating the new project of the real estate, the Investor is obliged to present the modified version of the project at the Design Company’s office. Once accepted by the Design Company, the project is submitted to the Contractor no later than one calendar month from signing the agreements, provided that the Contractor has not yet initiated the execution of works related to the real estate project (structure). In this case, the Investor shall pay all the additional costs for the individual project execution. The amount for the additional works is calculated by the Contractor and is presented to the Investor as an estimate of costs, whereupon a supplementary agreement is signed. The Investor is obliged to register the made changes with the Chisinau Territorial Cadastral Office.


- changes to projects of real estates whose construction at the time of signing the agreement was completed are excluded.

- all changes referring to the building façade are not considered by the Contractor and the Design Company;

5. What is the procedure of purchasing an apartment from the company Horus?

The procedure for purchasing an apartment from the company Horus comprises several stages:

1. Viewing the apartment (residential complex), choosing the right dwelling and negotiating the final price with the company representatives.

2. Signing and notarial authentication of the agreement. The signed agreements can be of 2 types:

a. Investment agreement (for the dwellings under construction or when accessing a housing loan from the company).

b. Sale and purchase agreement (residential buildings put into operation).

3. The payment is performed by transfer of funds to the settlement account of the company Horus or by cash in the company’s cash office, with payment receipt.

4. The registration (notation) of the agreement is made with the Territorial Cadastral Office (Chisinau Municipality).

6. In what condition are the apartments handed over after the commissioning of the housing complex?
The apartments are handed over in the so-called “white version”

The technical parameters of the apartment:

  • Walls plastered with dry mix and ready for wallpapers;

  • Poured-in-place floor, ready for the installation of laminate floorboards, parquet flooring or terracotta;

  • Electrical wiring from the distribution panel up to the distribution box in the apartment - first cycle - from the distribution box in the apartment;

  • Autonomous heating (boiler, radiators);

  • Three-chambered Viva Plast PVC windows with double low emissivity coating (low-e);

  • Water, gas and sewerage pipes

  • Meters installed (electricity, gas, hot and cold water);

  • Metal entrance door.

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